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AI-Generated Movie Titles

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Using a dataset of 10k movie titles from the last 100 years, I trained an AI model and asked it to generate new ideas for movie titles. As was the case with song and band names, what we got back was a mix of awesome new ideas that feel oddly familiar yet bizarre, and familiar films and franchises that seem to have taken an unexpected turn. Here's the list of my favorites by genre:


  • License to Take Over East Ohio

  • T for Vendetta

  • Jewel of the Ear

  • He Said Heck

  • After much study and criticism


  • Humanoids From Paris

  • Looseballs

  • Mr. Poppers

  • Match Them Shoes!

  • Scenes from the Classless Dad

  • Last Hogs (And Dog Husbands)

  • Sisyphus Bus

  • Round Trip Adjective

  • Gotta Have Some Dentists

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.T.

  • There's a Girl in My Father


  • Cocaine Zombies

  • Holodeck II

  • Internal Revenue Service

  • Cut Throat Christmas

  • Manos Hasland

  • Safe Dungeon

  • Safe Dungeon 2: After the Final Chapter

  • You Will Get Killed

  • Attack of the Crab Woman

  • X2: Spectacular Female Lead Again

  • Swiss Ninja Assassin Turtle

  • Bad Housekeeping

  • Bad Dude Jr.


  • The Bride Who Knew Too Much

  • Popular Music Ending

  • Caledonian Nights


  • Slight Case of Happiness

  • I Spit on Your Land

  • Woman Shoves to ground What Americans Call Silence

  • Akira Kurosawa's Hilarious Body

  • Tlorjana

  • Favigliano

  • And by the way... we forgot to castrate a giant leopard!

  • Karim and Ichiro Lose Momma

  • Frequently Asked Questions About the Death of a Marriageable Preacher

  • Renoir of Genghis

  • He Was a Large Swan


  • Joe Pesci's America

  • Our Country Made of Heck

  • Men Who Code and Women Who Know Them

  • Jiro Dreams of Pouches

  • Hannibal? Maybe.

  • Sheila, Alaska

  • Strom Thurmond must be awkward


  • What's the Worst, Number 39?

  • Romance at First Sight

  • Lulu Overdrive

  • Jennifer: Reloaded

  • Download Your Heart

  • That Darn Hunter

  • Everybody Says I Love My Wife

  • To Hell with Dogs

  • Oh! The Great Trainwreck

  • The Selfish Hearts of a Female Lead Movie Actress

  • Is Friday Night OK

  • She's A Cocaine Mistress


  • Harriet the Lass herself

  • The Boy Who Doesn't Deserve to Be Named Professor

  • Kevin vs. Kenya

  • Run Away from Table Cleanup

  • Seems Like Old Dad

  • Ryan Mustard

Familiar franchises taking an unexpected turn:

  • Scooby-Doo! The Sinner

  • Once Upon a Time in Virginia

  • Untouchables 2: Poolside at Castle Apartment 34

  • Twilight Saga: Classroom at the University of California

  • Wallace & Gromit: When Masks Bend

  • Grey Gardens Fashion Ball

  • Star Wars: Episode VII - The Curse of the Yangtze

  • Law and Order: Tokyo Chapter

  • Interstella

  • He's Just Not That Into You Walter White

  • Mulholland St.

  • Harry Potter and the Silence of the Lambs: The Reaction

  • The Power Rangers: Countdown to then knee-jerk fury

  • Sherlock Holmes: Terror in Cambodia

  • Being John Malkovich 6

  • Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Wife

  • The Last Unicorn with an Undercurrent of Anger

  • Ernest Goes to Paris


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