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Gout Capital of the World

I trained an AI model on a list of American city nicknames and slogans and I asked the model to generate some new ones for me. I used this dataset and this GPT-2 notebook to generate the slogans and nicknames. In some cases I added limited punctuation. These are my top 25, in no particular order:

  • High-Tech Rodeo Capital of the World

  • The Yosemite of the South

  • “Reminds Me a Little of San Luis Obispo.”

  • Gout Capital of the World

  • Arkansas’ Original Sin City

  • Bus Line to Baghdad

  • Broccoli And Axe Capital of the World

  • Home of Everybody’s Favorite Secret

  • “Master of None.”

  • The Cities With Scenic Nom

  • First Colony On the Kansas Coast

  • Mule Capital of the Union

  • The Minneapolis of the South

  • “… and For the World , Keep It Flour.”

  • Paris of the Prairie

  • The Paris of Central West Texas

  • Leisurely Farm Capital of the World

  • “Never Too Inappropriate.”

  • Friday Capital of the World

  • The Armpit of the World

  • Village of Trailers

  • Town of ATMs

  • “I Offer You Death.”

  • Detroit of the Northwest

  • “You are who you are.”


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